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Best High-End Headphones of 2017

*Updated 7/12/17* We now have a resource page dedicated to Apple-only gear like lightning-equipped headphones! Check it out:

It's simple to get an adequate set of earphones. For less or a couple hundred dollars, it is possible to score yourself in or an extremely elegant set of headphones -ears will probably be a lot more than effective at showing your songs in ways that can make you rock-out. But occasionally, you simply have to cut free. Occasionally, enhance it, examine you ’re playing songs, and you should just take a step back. Occasionally, you should just break the bank, move heavy, and spend money on something which provides the most effective seem you’ve heard and can last you. That’s what were going to do, below. Whether your budget is $500 or $5000, we’re heading to provide the complete pick of the most effective high-end headphones right that is accessible now.

Before we begin, several caveats. We're well-aware there are numerous high-end versions accessible, which they have enormous fanbases. A well liked here has been nearly necessarily left out by us, or neglected to incorporate an established business name. We're remorseful for that. In deciding on these, we just traveled using the types we felt had the strongest exhibiting. As we did so, we located our listing weighted strongly towards over-hearing versions, instead than in ear (even though you can find a small number of these here). There is a temptation to divide the list up - over-ears compared to in-ears - but when all is said and done, we made a decision to join them. Audio quality across-the-board their small dividing these earphones that a lot should come down to personal choice, and is superb.

We – unwillingly – made a decision to stay away from earphones that are electro-static. These sensed like they may maintain around-up of the very own and need some gear that is pretty rigorous to operate. Beyond so, we checked out audio quality, worth for money, and the way simple these were where to push (in additional phrases, whether you required an amplifier or maybe not). Please don't hesitate to differ with us, incidentally, by submitting in the comments at the end.

Focal Utopia


Weight: 1lb
Type: Over-Ear
Drivers: 40mm
Impedance: 80Ω
Sensitivity: 104dB
What We Like: Ultimate sound.
What We Don’t: Ultimate price tag, “interesting” looks.


In the five years that were past, the Focal Utopia h-AS not amazed mo-Re than maybe every set of headphones. It’s persistently talked about by simply about everybody who learns it, and even though we'ven’t completed a complete, in-depth critique (however), we’ve noticed it also, also it blew our heads. You’d need to make one nightmare of a disagreement to bump this off the most truly effective area.
There reason behind the excitement, as the seem is abundant and very available. Additionally, it aids they have a sensitivity that is relatively high, meaning various amps can drive them. Despite appearances which can charitably be explained as science fiction, there no question in our minds these would be the top high fidelity headphones in the marketplace right now. You should bless your ears if you’re thinking of purchasing. Incidentally, in the event elongate ca be noted by you to the nearly-four- value tag that is grand here, it might be worth checking a few of the firms other headphones out. Cans such as the Elear have plenty of enthusiasts, although additional designs that were similarly deserving squeezed-out of the listing them.



Abyss AB-1266 ($4,495)



Weight: 1.37lbs
Type: Over-Ear
Drivers: Unknown
Impedance: 46Ω
Sensitivity: 85dB
What We Like: Exquisite, powerful audio quality, indie cachet.
What We Don’t: Really expensive - and they look a bit ridiculous.


The pit is a shop headset manufacturer that deal exclusively in ultra-high-conclusion items. This can be their main version, plus it shares a minimum of one factor with firms like Grado because it allows you to seem like a 1960s spaceman. The rectangular layout and all- home require some obtaining utilized to, but as soon as you put these on your face, you’ll maintain sound nirvana that is complete. Perhaps not simply do they seem completely amazing, but they comfy to use. Be cautioned: the awareness is comparatively reduced, therefore you’ll need to decide on your amp attentively. It's possible for you to also read mo-Re concerning about this in the Purchasing Guidance area below. An honest warning: while these certainly deserve a location on top of the listing, they are able to be difficult to locate to get an acceptable cost, a minimum of on vendors like Amazon. It might be worth in the event that you select to just take the plunge, purchasing immediately. We are able to certainly ensure that you’re in for just one nightmare of a journey in the event that you do. Curiously, during the moment of authorship, Abyss possess a brand new headset away, the Diana, which can be created especially for use with mobile gamers (or no less than, seems best together). Relaxation assured, although we'ven’t heard it, however, we’ll make it happen.




Weight: 1.3lbs
Type: Over-Ear
Drivers: 106mm
Impedance: 200Ω
Sensitivity: 97dB
What We Like: Extraordinary open sound.
What We Don’t: Quite heavy and bulky.


Any version in the AUDEZE catalog (it’s pronounced Audezay, incidentally) will be great. And we deliberated hard and long about those warranted to maintain the top echelon. You can undoubtedly argue for including something similar to the LCD-X here, also, but everything regarded, as well as in the passions of maybe not pushing away additional versions that are fantastic, we’re heading to call successful for the LCD4. In the event you get one earphone that is AUDEZE, allow it to be that one.It perhaps not only because you are enveloped by its enormous 106mm motorists having a tremendous, strong seem - especially in the low-end that is unbelievable - but due to the comfy earcups begged one to devote hrs hearing them. At 200Ω, all these are fairly more difficult to generate, needing a fairly serious amp, but when you’ve got one easy then these will supply you to complete nirvana. We'ven’t consistently had great experiences with headphones that were AUDEZE - notice our report on the EL8 Titanium, which perplexed us significantly - but that is a belter that was real.

AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon




Weight: 12.2oz
Type: Over-Ear
Drivers: 50mm
Impedance: 25Ω 
Sensitivity: 99dB
What We Like: Fantastic audio quality, forward-thinking tech, just plain fun.
What We Don’t: Absolutely not portable, despite the welcoming impedance.

These cans present a little challenge. Similarly, away of rank them higher with this listing, we'd to speak ourselves. We completely dropped in love together when they were examined by us, but fairly, headphones such as HD-800 and the HE1000 supply better audio, as much as the term ‘better’ may be the goal. However, we also understood we must justify putting them above a number of the versions under, which are outstanding inside their particular manners. So here goes.The Carbons are trendy. They've been earbuds' that sense like real humans developed them, together with the target of causing you to truly love utilizing them. They complement mind-bending research (biomimicry, anybody?) With a comfortable, well-balanced sound quality that individuals identified completely addicting as well as superior comfort. They may seem somewhat weird, and in spite of the impedance that is low we'd very strongly advise against getting them on the trail, but really: these were certainly admired by us. In the subwoofer-$1,000 variety, they have been undoubtedly the utmost effective choose. Oh, plus they come in a stunning leather carrycase, as an additional benefit.

Grado PS1000e




Weight: 1.4lbs
Type: Over-Ear
Drivers: Unknown
Impedance: 32Ω
Sensitivity: 99.8dB
What We Like: Legendary sound.
What We Don’t: Uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

Every one of the versions the Brooklyn-centered Grado make, this can be the one that folks love. And for when you've got sound-this great, this distinguishing good reason, it gets handed around quite fast. Clarity and the sound quality are nonetheless being spoke about today, you’ll maintain for among the best sound encounters in the world and in the event that you couple this having an excellent amp and DAC.
The froth earcups are not to the taste of everyone's, and relaxation problems have been have seen by some consumers - when we attempted them, an issue which will keep them from being greater on the listing, as did we. The Carbons, by way of example, much outstrip these for relaxation. Yet, they stay among the greatest high fidelity sets of headphones accessible, using the audio which you must encounter at least one time. It’s entailing inert and cozy, all simultaneously.